Caribbean, Cartagena, Havanna, Bermuda, what about sailing into these exotic harbours in one of the world’s greatest windjammers! We are planning some exciting voyages coming autumn and winter. The ship will cross the Atlantic from Las Palmas to St Lucia in November, hereafter we will have voyages up to three weeks including stops in exotic ports. Wind, ocean and freedom, a dream can become reality! Sailing excperience is not necessary, our crew will supervise you on Board.
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Atlanterhavskart 2018

Voyage Route Departure Arrival Price
1 Las Palmas – St. Maarten,

stop in Cape Verde

5. November 10:00 30. November 14:00 € 2650
2 St. Maarten – Grenada 3. December 10:00 8. December 14:00 €  905
3 Grenada – Cartagena 11. December 10:00 19. December 10:00 € 1325
4 Cartagena – Havanna 4. January 10:00 16. January 14:00 € 1540
5 Havanna – St. Maarten 20. January 10:00 15. February 14:00 € 2500
6 St. Maarten – Horta, The Azores 20. February 10:00 13. March 14:00 € 2500
7 Horta, Azores – A Coruña 15. March 10:00 22. March 14:00 €   905
8 A Coruña – Harlingen 25. March 10:00 4. April 10:00 €   955



Description of the stages:

 Las Palmas – St. Marteen:

We leave Las Palmas 5th of November. We are sailing alongside the famous Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) regatta, this time a stop to Cape Verde. We do not participate in the regatta, but we will start on 5th of November. This time we will sail through Cape Verde. There we have a day’s stay in Mindelo at Sao Vicente. The majority of the population consists of creoles, the islands were an intermediary for slave trade to America.  After spending weeks in the sea, we arrive at St. Marteen, which is one of the best organized places in the Caribbean.





St. Marteen – Grenada:

Now we sail southwards along the Caribbean islands. This island kingdom is considered one of the most attractive in the area. And we take advantage of the fact that the entry permit on the first island applies to the entire area. This way we reduce the bureaucracy and have the most time for ourselves, at several anchorages. They are on the west side of the island, in the shelter of the wind, and there is a lot of sunscreen and bleaching of the bathing glove in the intense sole.





Grenada – Cartagena:

From Grenada, it is on long journeys again, against the exciting country of Colombia and the capital of Cartagena. On the map this sea area may seem small, but the open seas also dominate here. The weather is stable in these areas in December, the current is with us, and the wind is mostly from the east. Therefore, we can sail large parts of the stage. Colombia has been characterized by internal turmoil, but now peace has come and we can meet in a peaceful environment an exciting city and a very warm and friendly people.





Cartagena – Havana:

Now we will sail northwards, and in a part of the Caribbean that has many pearls of small archipelagos. We have pointed out the perhaps best of those, Isla de Providencia.

Lonely Planet describes the islands as something absolutely outstanding. After a few days we will continue on in sunny Caribbean

The tour ends in Cuba’s capital Havana. The magnificent city has gained a significant boost after the tourists have arrived, but one can still feel a lot of the old dictatorship.




Havana – St. Marteen:

We have now set up a new and exciting route.We are planning to visit another city in Cuba, such as Santiago de Cuba.  On the route further towards St. Marteen we pass the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and a number of places most have just dreamed about.  And after a good sail, we arrive at the beginning, Sta. Marteen.






St. Marteen – Azorene:

This is the stage for those who want an extra feather in the hat. Crossing the Atlantic west is easier, now we have to travel north through the Sargasso Sea to find a tailwind. And then it is natural to stop a little-visited gem at this time of year, namely Bermuda.

Further towards the Azores, the North Atlantic offers sailing conditions that may be challenging for pleasure craft, but for Christian Radich it is safe and secure.

After two weeks at sea, the Azores emerge, we land at Faial, where the city of Horta welcomes us.




Azorene – A Coruña:

From Horta there will be shorter stages again. We are still in the Atlantic, on the volcanic Atlantic Ridge, before heading eastwards, usually good sailing winds.

We end up in A Coruña, a nice town on the northwest tip of Spain, which we have had the pleasure of visiting a number of times.

Combine your trip with a visit to Santiago de Compostela, it is the most visited place of pilgrims, very nice and with a special atmosphere.




A Coruña – Harlingen:

Spring has come, and now there are many conditions to sail northwards again.  We are going to cross Biscaya, an area where autumn and winter time can challenge, but which has now calmed down, giving us an opportunity for great sailing.  We expect to sail most of the time against the English Channel, hoping for a tailwind, we can also sail there, towards our ultimate goal.



Summer voyages 2018!


Some people are wondering about next summer`s sailing program.


We can reveal that Christian Radich will again participate in Tall Ships Races Summer 2018.


Voyages and prices will med ready during this September, and then we will start the booking for the voyages.


The regatta starts in Sunderland in England July 14th and ends in Harlingen, The Netherlands on August 3rd.


We will also arrange voyages before Sunderland and after Harlingen.


Sunderland – Esbjerg 14th-18th of July, regatta

Esbjerg- Stavanger, 21th – 26th of July, Cruise in Company

Stavanger-Harlingen, July 29 – August 3rd


If you want to compete in a race this year, you must join Christian Radich in the first leg in the Rendez-vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta which starts in Greenwich, just outside London. If you like competition and race, this is the voyage to join. It will be the only race Christian Radich will participate in this year, and as always we will do our best to win the first prize! Many of the trainees are students who soon will finish their school year on board, but we have places left for everyone else to join. Whether you have sailed with us before or it’s the first time, you are welcome!

Everyone can sail with Christian Radich, and it’s the variety of our trainees, young, old, experienced or not, which makes a voyage with us a life-changing experience! We expect the race to be close, the Captain will make the best choices, due to wind and weather. The introduction and rig-training will probably start when the ships goes out the river Thames. Maritime Greenwich has had associations with the sea and navigation since the earliest of times and is now a World Heritage Site where you can visit world-class maritime attractions that include the Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum.  Sines, situated just north of Algarve, is the largest port area of Portugal and it’s also the historical birthplace of the navigator, Vasco da Gama.

The price is € 1295 including all meals.

Youth from 15 – 25 years get 15% discount on the race.

Arrival April 28.4, you can stay on board until April 29.

Download the flyers: Race 2017

Christian Radich is celebrating her 80th Anniversary in 2017. As we did five years ago, we will celebrate with voyages along the Norwegian coast. We plan to go as far North as to North Cape this time as well. You can read more about the summer voyages here:

295Oslo – Den Helder: 18- 22/6
There are always people waving goodbye on Akershuskaia when Christian Radich leaves her home-port for the summer voyages. This time we are headed towards the Dutch “Sail Festival Den Helder.” As always, we start the voyage with security and rig-training, going out the Oslofjord. As soon as we reach good winds, we will set sails.

Price: 625 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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IMG_8895-kDen Helder – Stavanger: 25- 29/6
Our trainees will join the “Sail-out”- Parade when all the ships are leaving the Sail Festival. Christian Radich is heading north towards Stavanger and the Jubilee-voyages along the Norwegian coast. We hope for fair winds over the North Sea in order to sail as much as possible. We have planned enough time to make a stop in a nice local port, Sirevåg, a small seaside village.

Price: 545 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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You can combine the voyages and stay on Board for Oslo – Stavanger and get the three nights in Den Helder for free.


img_9764Stavanger – Tromsø: 30 / 6-7 / 7
From the oil-city, Stavanger you will join the longest leg this summer, all the way up to Tromsø. We hope the winds are with us, as they most often are this time of the year. That means a lot of sailing. Along the way you will notice how different the Norway’s coastline is. Western Norway’s coast is often steep, with fjords, islands and mountains. Further north, from Nord-Trøndelag, through the unique coast of Helgeland against the Vestfjorden, there are hundreds of thousands of islands.
Then we meet the famous Lofoten, a fantastic area, with steep mountains straight down to the sea. As far north as this, the tide and currents are strong. The captain will have this in mind when he sets the route. Maybe we will go out and see Lofoten from the outside, or we can choose to go through one of the narrow fjords. In Lofoten we meet Vesterålen, Andøya and the beautiful island Senja, before we go into quay in Tromsø, the city called “Paris of the North”. We have calculated enough time, so we can make some stops along the way, and the options are so many.

Price: 990 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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img_9634Tromsø – Hammerfest around North Cape: 8-11 / 7 – sold out!
The landscape around Tromsø attracts thousands of tourists every year. The nature is wild and dramatic, but you will also find beautiful sandy beaches. You can see glaciers going all the way down to the coast. We will go even further north from Tromsø, and here you will see that the landscape has changed again. From the dramatic mountains, you see it’s more desolated. We will see small fishing villages placed to be protected from the winter storms. But in the summer the winds are calm, and the villages are competing to attract the many visitors.

We will sail around Magerøya, the North Cape and Knivskjellodden, Norway’s northernmost point. All this on board the world’s most beautiful full-rigged windjammer on her 80th Jubilee-voyages! Arriving in Hammerfest will be at the same time as they arrange a local festival “Hammerfestdagan”. The city has gained a strong economic recovery after the discovery of oil and gas.

Price: 355 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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trollfjorden-kompHammerfest – Svolvær: 12-18 / 7
On the map you can see that the route from Hammerfest to Svolvær has many turns, inside and out again, around fjords and islands. We want to explore the beautiful coast and there are so many “must-see” places, it’s hard to choose. We have calculated plenty of time on this leg. We will visit small villages, where the hospitality is striking, and where we can experience the local culture at its very best. As always we haven’t got a detailed plan, the weather is an important factor.

Among the places we are planning to see, is Senja, Andøya, Vesterålen and Lofoten from the outside, with the famous sandy beaches. Here you find the country’s best area for whale watching, and if we are lucky, we will see these huge animals close up against the ship’s side. We have been here before, and going in to Trollfjorden is a must! To see Lofoten and the country’s finest tourist attractions from the ocean is even better than from land. And remember that the light invites us to be awake all day and night.

Price: 860 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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img_8312Svolvær-Bodø: 19-24 / 7
Lofoten, Vestfjorden and Vesterålen are among Norway’s most important tourist attractions. Again we have calculated enough time to see and feel the nature and local attractions. The voyage will go among the islands and in the fjords. We will see fishing villages, white sandy beaches and mountains higher than 1000 m. There will many attractions on our way, we will sail and we will have a memorable time together. Maybe we will do some fishing, and we might get fish enough for the whole ship.

We will meet Hurtigruten several times along our way, perhaps even in Trollfjorden, if we are lucky. We plan to go into Trollfjorden on this leg as well, it’s so unique. Or maybe we shall sail into the Tysfjord and see Stetind, Norway’s national mountain? There are so many possibilities, it’s hard to choose. Famous places like Henningsvær, Værøy and Røst among others are close by. We certainly will make a stop somewhere. The captain will tell you which route will be the best, the wind and weather taken into consideration. If you combine this leg with another, both the coast of Helgeland and North Cape are places you can’t forget.

Price: 840euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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bertrs3jjBodø-Ålesund: 25-31 / 7
On this voyage we will sail along the most stunning coastline we have in Norway, the coast of Helgeland. Well, Lofoten is great with its high mountains. But Helgeland’s mountains are also high. Here you can see the unique mountains “Dønnmannen”, “Lovund”, “Rødøyløva” and the “Seven Sisters”. Among these majestic mountains, there are thousands of small islands. Many of them have former fishing villages from where people gradually left for a better life in the cities. Nowadays aquaculture has taken over as the most important industry, and many smaller fishing villages are restored and have become tourist attractions.

You see islands far out to the North Sea and the one as far as you can come, is Træna. This fishing village is dating from ancient times, nearly 9,000 years ago. Everywhere up north there is a unique birdlife. On the mainland, the glacier Svartisen is among the high peaks.


We plan to anchor in Holandsfjorden, from here it’s less than an hour with easy hiking to the glacier Engabreen, an arm of Svartisen, Norway’s second largest glacier. You’re going to fall in love with this area. The voyage towards Ålesund goes further by Folla and we will pass Frøya, this island has become an important center for the production of salmon.

Price: 860 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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IMG0001Ålesund Shetland-Haugesund: 1-10 / 8
Join Christian Radich westwards! For over thousand years ago the Vikings sailed westwards to Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides. There are many rumors about their brutal behavior, and most of it is exaggerated. Most of the Vikings had good intentions and they were traders. Today the Norwegians are very welcome on these islands. We will be visiting Lerwick in Shetland, a city with small shops, restaurants and bars.

On our way back to Norway and towards Haugesund, we sail past the Orkneys, and if we have time, we will go ashore here, too. In Kirkwall, the famous cathedral is called St. Magnus Cathedral. It was founded in 1137 by the Viking, Earl Rognvald, in honour of his uncle St. Magnus. The natural harbor of Scapa Flow played a role both in the 1st and 2nd World War. In Haugesund the annual “Sildajazz” -festival attracts 50,000 visitors.

Price: 1100 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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For those of you who really loves to be on board  Christian Radich, you get a special offer if you join us from Bodø to Haugesund.


CIMG1065Haugesund-Oslo: 13-17 / 8
The voyage towards Oslo will be along the south coast with rich history from the time when the windjammers ruled the sea. But first we will do a fjordcruise from the Jazzfestival in Haugesund to the charming city Skudeneshavn. We will also invite local passengers on this cruise. In Skudenesnavn our trainees will go ashore for a guided tour, while the locals are having a fjordcruise. Next day we set sail for Oslo along a coast full of history.

Just think of the Napoleon War, when Norwegians with the law in hand hijacked enemy ships and sold them, including the cargo they had. The income from this made many local hijackers millionaires in today’s money. Piloting began when locals advised sailing ships where they could sail. The goal was to earn enough money to start as a shipowner. This contributed to the fact that Norway was a dominant windjammer nation in the 18th century. If time allows it, we will sail to Skagen in Denmark, or Koster in Sweden? But first and foremost, we hope for good winds and to sail as much as possible.

Price: 660 euros p.p.

Youth 12 – 25 years: 10% discount

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Everyone can sail with Christian Radich. Sailing with us is a positive challenge – both physically and mentally – and it is a unique opportunity to experience one of the world’s most famous windjammers. On board you will find new friends from various countries.As trainee, you will participate in the duties on board according to your own condition and interests. You can read more about it here. Youth from 15 years can travel alone. Youth between 12 -15, can join together With their parents.

Download map that shows the voyages: Map 2017 Push here to get some tips about travelling to and from ports: To and from ports – summer 2017

You can also send us the registration-form if you prefer instead on booking online. Please send the Attached form to : booking-summer-voyages A fee of 15 euros applies.

Lysbilde1Christian Radich will join Tall Ships Races also in 2016. This time the route goes south, all the way to Cádiz. Cruise-in-Company starts here, first with a short race to Sagres, before the fleet goes north along the coast of Algarve and to A Coruña.

You can book online or Your can e-mail us a registration form, it is an additional fee of 17 euros if you choose the last. Registration

Download the brochure: Voyages 2016 or have it sent by post:

See practical information – what to bring: Info_eng

Travel to and from ports: To and from ports


Welcome on Board both to newcomers and to you who have sailed before.


Summer voyages 2016, time and prices:

NEW: Bilbao-Honfleur, from August 17, 12:00 to August 22, 12:00, price: €   775

Voyage  Route Departure Arrival Euro
1 Oslo – Kiel June 21, 18:00 June 24, 18:00 525
2 Kiel – Eemshaven June 27, 12:00 June 30, 08:001) 360
3 Delfzijl– Antwerp July 3, 12:00 July 7, 14:00 550
4 Antwerp – Lisbon (race) July 10, 10:00 July 22, 14:00 1320
5 Lisbon – Cadiz (race) July 25, 10:00 July 28, 14:00 525
6 Cadiz – A Coruña

(Race and Cruise in Company)

July 31, 10:00 August 11, 14:00 1295
7 Blyth – Gothenburg (race) August 29, 10:00 September 3, 14:00 625

                Changes in arrival and departure time may occur.

1) Arrival the day before.

Given good conditions, the arrival date may be earlier. You may of course stay on board until given date. There might also be some waiting to be allowed to get into port.


Extra night on board incl. breakfast, € 60 per night.

Max 1 night before and/or 1 night after the voyage 2), not before leg 1 and after leg 2. Check-in on board 2 hours before departure, if no other information is given. Trainees taking part on several voyages may stay on board incl. breakfast during harbor stays.


2)Youth 15-25 years may stay on board 2 nights after the voyage (only breakfast will be served). Only 1 night is possible for all after voyage no 1 (in Kiel).

The deck will be closed for the trainees, if customers have contracted the deck for special occasions.



Special offers      
34 Delfzijl –Antwerp – Lisbon Incl. three nights in Antwerp with breakfast 1655
56 Lisbon – Cadiz – A Coruña Incl. three nights in Cadiz with breakfast 1710



Youth: 12 -25 years: A discount of 10% applies on each leg and on special offers. 15% discount on races, youth from 15 years.

About the summer voyages 2016

From Oslo to Kiel
The first summer voyage starts just before midsummer. After safety information and rig-training, the ship will set sail for Kiel. Summer is at its brightest up north and we will sail in the Danish archipelago, with mostly calm waters. We have plenty of time to reach Kiel in time, and we hope to sail as much as possible. In Kiel we meet the Kieler Woche, a sailing festival that characterizes the city for almost a whole week.

Through the Kiel Canal, from Kiel to Eemshaven
When Kieler Woche ends, we are heading towards Eemshaven, to the next festival, called DelfSail. We will go through the Kiel Canal for motor. The channel is like a floating highway through farmland and pleasant villages on land. If the wind is good to us, we will set sail after the Canal, and sail against Eemshaven. We arrive in the evening and the trainees leave the ship the next morning. Christian Radich is getting ready for the Sail-in with local passengers. Eemshaven and Delfzijl are not far from Amsterdam, which has numerous connecting flights. The voyage is short and varied, and it provides a taste of Christian Radich both through the Kiel Canal and under sail.

From Delfzijl to Antwerp
After a great sail parade from Delfzijl, we will sail for three days and nights along the coast outside Holland and Belgium. Also on this leg, we will have enough time to be able to sail much of the time. There will also be time to enjoy life on deck, and we hope the sun will be nice to us. The Tall Ships Races 2016 starts in Antwerp. The city is Belgium’s largest seaport and it’s known for its long maritime traditions. Antwerp has also previously been the host city for the Tall Ships Races.

Race 1, from Antwerp to Lisbon
This race, which lasts 12 days, has long traditions. The first race for training-ships was held in 1956, from Torbay to Lisbon. 60 years later we will sail almost the same route. Christian Radich was fastest of the square rigged ships in 1956, and she won the anniversary race in 2006. Now, 10 years later, we aim to win again, and many of our loyal trainees will join us! The City of Lisbon has southern charm, good food, and there is much to see and experience here. We recommend you to plan for a few extra days in the city.

Race 2, from Lisbon to Cadiz
After a few days in charming Lisbon, we prepare for a new race, a much shorter one this time. In these areas it may be difficult to make the right tactical choices. Currents and winds may alter the results from day to day, and will make the race even more exiting.  This is a popular leg, not least because the cities of Lisbon and Cadiz, have so much to offer. The small city of Cadiz has a nice old town, and many of the trainees would enjoy some extra days in this area. There are flights to the rest of Europe from the “sherry town” Jerez and Malaga is a couple of hours bus drive, away.

Race 3 and Cruise in Company from Cadiz to A Coruna
Cruise-in-Company starts in Cadiz, first with a short race to Sagres, before the fleet goes north along the coast of Algarve and to A Coruña.The leg ends in A Coruña, a great city that has previously been awarded for the best Tall Ship festivals. Santiago de Compostela is less than an hour away with train. It is the world’s most famous place of pilgrimage, and the apostle James is buried here. We recommend you to use this opportunity to visit this famous city. You will easy find flights to the rest of Europe from here.

North Sea Tall Ships Regatta, from Blyth to Gothenburg
Blyth is just north of Newcastle, and here starts an additional race. Many of the vessels from the Tall Ship fleet will join, and we can expect a fight for the first prize!  Summer vacation is terminated in Norway, but not in the North Sea! We have reason to hope for fair winds, at the best we will be reaching towards Gothenburg, hopefully faster than the competitors. The sailing city of Gothenburg welcomes the ships with a festival, which makes the end of several exiting summer voyages this year.





We are looking forward to welcome 50 maritime students as trainees this winter. They are all maritime students at Norwegian Colleges. The ship is headed for southern waters and the students will get practical skills on board. For Christian Radich, this is important because we get a basis for further operation all year round. Because of this, there will be no wintervoyages this season. But we are looking forward to the voyages next summer!

AKERSHUS STRANDAThe last fjordcruise this season was September 5th. From January the cruises for next year will be ready.  The cruises start from the Akershus-pier, just across the town hall. The captain decides each time where to go, due to weather and wind. Christian Radich uses engine on fjord cruises, but you get a feeling of the ships history and the power when she sails.  If you are in Oslo one of the days we arrange a fjord cruise, we recommend you to join!

High heels are not allowed on board due to the maintenance of the deck. Children under 12 years old must wear a safety vest and children up to 2 years old must be registered in advance.

Charter Christian Radich for groups

CR 75år 043Christian Radich is the perfect setting for the occasion you want to celebrate. She was built in 1937 and is still a sailing ship. Almost 15.000 Norwegian sailors have had their education on board. In May, June and August groups can rent the historical ship for a cruise on the beautiful Oslofjord.
The ship has an excellent galley and our stewards have worked in the city’s best restaurants. The ship is fully licensed and we arrange the party and FjordCruise for you according to your special requirements.
Give your colleagues and clients an adventurous trip on the Oslofjord that they will not forget.
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Area: Oslofjord
Capacity: 240 passengers