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Oslo - Skagen - Oslo

A lovely weekend in May Oslo - Skagen - Oslo May  18 - 21 A voyage over Skagerrak and to  Skagen on the tip of Jylland, Denmark in May is unforgetable.

Weekend voyage from Oslo to Koster

Weekend voyage to Koster Oslo - Koster - Oslo May  26 - 29 Join the Christian Radich for a weekend voyage from Oslo to Koster.

Sandefjord - Skagen - Stavanger

Sea Norway 2023 June 24 - 29  Sea Norway from Sandefjord to Stavanger with an overnight stay in Skagen, north in Denmark.

Sail with the wind

Sea Norway 2023 Stavanger - Torshavn - Bergen June 30 -  July 10 Sail with the wind, across the North Sea and to the Faroe Islands - amazing!

Voyage to the Tall Ships Races

Sea Norway 2023 Bergen - Fredrikstad July 11 - 16 Voyage along the southern coast of Norway to the Tall Ships Races.

Tall Ships Races, Stavanger - Lerwick

Tall Ships Races 2023 Stavanger - Lerwick July 22 - 27 Cruise-in-Company sailing across the North Sea to Shetland.

Cruise in Company - SOLD OUT!

Tall Ships Races 2023 Fredrikstad - Lerwick - sold out! July 17 - 27 Tall Ships Races and Cruise in Company, friendship and sailing.

Cruise in Company - SOLD OUT!

Tall Ships Races 2023 Fredrikstad - Stavanger - sold out! July 17 - 22 Tall Ships Races and Cruise in Company along the southern coast of Norway.
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Fjord Cruise — Rent the Ship — Windjammer

24. July 2014. Tall Ships' Races Bergen. PHOTO: EIVIND SENNESET

Fjord cruise

Erik Sundheim (13)

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