Sea Norway, Oslo - Stavanger

Sea Norway 2024 June 19 - 23 The summer voyages start in Oslo and we sail along the south and southwestern coast. We stay one day quayside in Stavanger.

Voyage to Shetland - few places left!

Sea Norway 2024 Stavanger - Lerwick - Bergen June 23 -  30 Sail with the wind, across the North Sea with a stop in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands, and back to Bergen!

The westcoast

Bergen - Kristiansund Sea Norway 2024 July 1 - 4 Going on the westcoast of Norway among fjords and mountains.

The Helgeland coast

Kristiansund - Bodø Sea Norway 2024 July 4 - 7 This voyage takes you from Kristiansund on the west coast to Bodø up north along the beautiful coast of Helgeland.

Experience Lofoten - Voyage 1

Lofoten, Bodø - Bodø Sea Norway 2024 July 18-21 Experience the beautiful, Artic district of Lofoten on the sailing ship Christian Radich. The captain will decide the sailingroute.

Helgeland southwards, few places!

Bodø - Kristiansund  Sea Norway 2024 July 25 - 28 This voyage takes you from Bodø up north along the beautiful coast of Helgeland and to the city of Kristiansund.

The westcoast southwards

Kristiansund - Bergen Sea Norway 2024 July 28  -31 Going souhtwards on the westcoast of Norway among fjords and mountains.

Oslo - Aalborg - Oslo

Oslo - Aalborg - Oslo August 21. - 28 A week on board with sailing to  the city of Aalborg in Denmark and two days in port and the event Aalborg Regatta.

Atlantic crossing and the Caribbean 2025

Las Palmas - St Martin

Atlantic Crossing 2025 27.12.2024 - 18.01.2025 Make the dream come true, and join Christian Radich on the Atlantic Crossing.

St Martin - Bermuda

Atlantic Crossing 2025 21.01.- 04.02.2025 Sailing in the Caribbean and combine it with the Atlantic Crossing

Bermuda - Stavanger

Atlantic Crossing 2025 05.02.- 04.03.2025 Sailing from the Caribbean and following the winds all the way to Norway.
24. July 2014. Tall Ships' Races Bergen. PHOTO: EIVIND SENNESET

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