Check in Sea Norway 2021

Check-in will take place in goups from 3 pm. We will test all trainees for Covid-19 before onboarding. This will take place on the quay before boarding. You will be assigned 1 of four test groups with a specific attendance time to prevent too many people from gathering before everyone has been tested.



Check-in is 2 hours before departure, if no other information is given.

Check out is when port-authorities has cleared the ship.

The luggage can be on board at your own risk, until 4.30 PM.


Check in if you ordered extra night on board

You can book a day on board before or after some of the voyages. Have you booked a day before departure, check in is between 7 and 8 PM. If you arrive later, please notify the office early. Your luggage can be delivered on board at your own risk between 2 and 7 PM. In accordance with regulatory requirements, your luggage might be inspected. The deck will be closed for trainees, if customers have contracted the deck while in port.

Check out the day after arrival is 11 AM.

Departure and arrival times

Changes in departure and arrival times may occur, which must be taken into account when ordering other transport. Arrival may be earlier but you can stay on board until the stated arrival time. We may also risk waiting to be able to dock. You must pay attention to this when ordering transport to and from the ship. Travel to and from ports is not included in the tour price.