Welcome on board:


Life on board:

On Sea Norway the trainees can choose to join a watch team or not. We recommend everyone to join in on a team, it makes the voyage more interesting and you get to know your fellow trainees better. The daily routines goes like this: Trainees, will be assigned to one of three watch teams who work for 4 hours and then have 8 hours off, both day and night. Trainees will assign to the following watches:





The watch posts are as follows:



Posted on the foredeck or, in heavy weather, on the poop-deck. The look-out reports all objects sighted: boats, fishing equipment, wreck-goods and other floating goods.



Posted at the wheel on the poop-deck. Steers the ship under supervision of the ship´s crew.


Fire- and safety watch:

The fire-watch patrols the entire ship every 30 minutes, starting on deck and following the designated patrol route.


Galley duty:

One or two trainees from each watch can be posted in the galley or pantry, for one day, to assist the cooks during meals.



During your free time, you are welcome to relax with a good book, take photos or talk with your fellow trainees over a good cup of coffee. You are also welcome to help with the current shift, if you wish.


We serve tasty and nutritional meals aboard. On Sea Norway we serve local, traditional food. Last summer we did a lot of fishing and served fresh fish often. Remember to report any food allergies when ordering your voyage. Please inform us before the voyage begins.


While at sea, meals are served at the following times:


0730: Breakfast

1200: Lunch

1730: Dinner


Further food in the late evening is available as required for the night shifts.

While at sea you will sleep either on a bunk, or in a hammock. There are separate bathrooms for women and men. This summer, because of covid-19 we built “walls” between the bunk beds and made curtains between the hammocks and beds. We will not take these away it gives the trainees more privacy.