A voyage with Christian Radich is a unique vacation with experiences that are far from ordinary.

While at sea you will sleep either on a bunk, or in a hammock.

You will be assigned to one of Three watch teams which work for 4 hours and then have 8 hours off, both day and night.

Trainees will be divided  into the following watches:



12-4 over the course of 24 hours.

During your free shifts you’re welcome to relax with a good book, take photos or talk with your fellow trainees over a good cup of coffee. You’re also welcome to help with the current shift, if you wish.

Tasty and nutritional meals are served on board.

While at sea meals are served at the following times:

0730: Breakfast

1200: Lunch

1730: Dinner

Further food in the late evening is served as required for the night shifts.

Remember to report any food allergies when ordering your voyage. Please inform us before the voyage begins.