Everyone in normal good health can sail with Christian Radich. An important part of the experience to all trainees is to be able to sail as much as possible. Everyone will join in on the duties. We expect that most of you enter the rigging as well, but if you don’t want to please inform your watch leader. If you have any health limitations or disabilities, these must be further evaluated. On sea, health limitations can be exacerbated, especially if bad weather occurs. We expect that every trainee is able to take care of her- or himself, it is not possible for our crew to pay extra attention to each individual trainee.

It is important that you inform us about your allergies and medication, if any. Medication will not work if you get seasick. Remember to notify the sergeant and watch leader on board if you use seasick medication or seasick bandage. When using seasickness medication you are not allowed to enter the rig within a certain time after use. When at sea the ship is “dry,” i.e. totally alcohol restricted.

If you are over 70 years, you will be required to send us the health declaration signed by your doctor.

If any information is withheld which then causes the trainee to be a burden to crew and other trainees on board, or causes them to pose danger to themselves or others, the Captain has the right to decide that the trainee will be required to disembark before the voyage ends. Travel expenses will be covered by the trainee.

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