Everyone in normal good health can sail with Christian Radich. We expect that as many as possible enter the rigging, but if you do not want to please inform the crew. If you have a health restriction, this must be considered. For many, the sea is a strange element and health constraints you do not think about daily can be exacerbated on board. It is expected that all on board are able to take care of themselves as the crew does not have the capacity to provide extra help to the individual. A health restriction will be further worsened in bad weather. If you use a wheelchair or crutches, you can not attend a tour.


It is important that all allergies and all prescription drug use must be registered. Please note that medicines lose their effect when combined with sea sickness. Remember to report to the sergeant and watchman on board if you are using sea sickness tablets or sea sickness patches (we recommend recycled plastics). When using sea sickness drugs, you can not participate with rigging for a certain amount of time after ingestion.

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