You book your voyage online at Day cruises are paid by booking. On all other voyages, a deposit on 25% has to be paid at the time of booking, the rest of the payment is due a month before departure. It is possible to book by e-mail, contact the Foundation on All registration is binding.


Travel insurance

Valid travel – and accident insurance is mandatory to sail onboard Christian Radich. I hereby confirm that I have read and freely signed the attached Release and Indemnity form.


Cancellation costs

Your payment will not be refunded.


Cancellation fjordcruises

Up to one week before departure: 25%

Less than one week before departure: 100%



It is important that all allergies and all prescription drug use must be registered. Please note that medicines lose their effect when combined with sea sickness. Remember to report to the sergeant and watchman on board if you are using sea sickness tablets or sea sickness patches (we recommend recycled plastics). When using sea sickness drugs, you can not participate with rigging for a certain amount of time after ingestion.


If later it appears that information has been withheld and a trainee appears to be unreasonably cumbersome for other fellow trainees and crew, or poses a danger to themselves or others, the relevant trainee may be grounded at a place and time which captain on board finds appropriate. Further expenses for return trips etc. must be covered by the trainee.


On daycruises these regulations will not appear, but if you have a disability, please contact us.


Personal Information

Because you are trainees i.e. crew on board we have to send your personal information to the Authorities (custom and police, to the harbour we leave and the harbour we will arrive). This information is confidential. The Foundation will store personal information 14 days after the voyage ends.


During the tour, pictures of fellow trainees and ships can be taken. The Foundation reserves the right to use such photos for marketing purposes, both online and in print.


Departure and arrival times

Changes in departure and arrival times may occur, which must be taken into account when ordering other transport. Arrival may be earlier but you can stay on board until the stated arrival time. We may also risk waiting to be able to dock. You must pay attention to this when ordering transport to and from the ship. Travel to and from ports is not included in the tour price.


Cancellation of a trip

If the trip has to be cancelled by force majeur, travellers have the right to refund if the voyage has not begun. The commencement of the trip and the possible change of return journey is assumed to be covered by the individual’s travel insurance.

If a voyage or fjordcruise has less than a minimum of 20 participants, Christian Radich will reserve the right to cancel the voyage or fjordcruise.


If this is the case on a voyage, The Foundation will contact the trainee no later than 4 weeks before the voyage start, and in such cases, we will refund the full amount paid, or offer the trainee participation on another voyage.

If this is the case on a fjordcruise the customer will be contacted no later than 7 days before the cruise. Passengers on fjordcruises will be offered, to participate on another cruise, or will be refunded the amount paid.

The Christian Radich Foundation guarantees to waive all claims and refund all payments if we have to cancel a voyage, or trainees are prevented from participating, due to covid-19.


Age limit

On Sea Norway-voyages the lower age limit is 8 years when nothing else is noted. On all aother voyages it is 12 years (on departure date) accompanied by a guardian, except for Tall Ships Races where the agelimit is 15 years. The limit for traveling alone and / or attending regattas is 15 years. We have 0 tolerance for alcohol use by trainees under 18 years, including in foreign ports.


Complaint deadline

Any complaint about the trip must be made in writing to the Foundation within one month after the trip’s completion, either per. email to or by letter to the Christian Radich Foundation, Akershusstranda 9, 0150 Oslo.