Sailing with us is a postive challange – both physically and mentally – and its a unuque opportunity to experience one of the world`s most famous windjammers!

Wind, ocean, and freedom; make the dream a reality!

Prior sailing experience is not necessary, our crew will supervise you on board.


April 01-04 2019

April 1st you can join Christian Radich across the North Sea. A challenge and an adventure!

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April 04- 10 2019

 This will be a unique voyage along the Norwegian coast, from Stavanger in the south to Tromsø in the north.

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Tromsø – Ålesund

April 21-25 2019  Four days along the most stunning coastline we have in Norway on board on of the most beautiful Tall Ships in the world, can it be better?
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May 03-09 2019 Come sail with Christian Radich westwards on this great voyage to Shetland.
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Kristiansand – Oslo

Join Christian Radich on her last leg home to Oslo! It has been over eight months since the ship left Oslo and it always feels great to be back home again. Coming in the Oslofjord in May is a beautiful sight! Welcome onboard.
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Oslo – Skagen-Oslo

May 29- June 02 2019 Bærum Sailing Association is arranging the Skagen Race for smaller sailboats May 29. Christian Radich will follow the fleet from Oslo to Skagen.
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Oslo- Stavanger

June 19-22 2019 Christian Radich leaves her hometown Oslo, June 19, preparing for the summer voyages. All the voyages, races and adventures is ahead of us.
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Walk&Sail- Stavanger

June 23-27 2019

Explore the westcoast with Christian Radich and go hiking spectacular places. 

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June 29- July 03 2019

We are preparing for Tall Ships Races, but we have plenty of time on this voyage across Skagerrak.

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 July 06-11 2019

This first race this year will be short and hectic with a lot of nerve.

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Fredrikstad – Bergen

July 14- 21 2019

Cruise in Company means “friendship- sailing” with the other ships participating in Tall Ships Races.

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Bergen- Aarhus

July 24- 01 August 2019

Everyone can join, even the races, no matter sailing experience or not. It's exciting to compete with the other ships, it makes the sailing extra exciting.

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