Travelling to and from ports is not included in the voyage. Changes in arrival and departure time may occur. There might also be some waiting to be allowed to get into port. Ample time should therefore be calculated for all travelling arrangements before and after the voyage. We might also arrive earlier than scheduled, if so, the trainees can stay on board until stated arrival. 

Travel to Las Palmas:

The location for the ship is Santa Catalina NORTH.

You can take a bus from the airport to Sta Catalina Park, downtown Las Palmas, from there you can walk to the pier. You can also take a taxi from the airport, it costs about 35 €.


Useful websides:

Las Palmas


Travelling to and from Harlingen:

Train from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam takes approximately 2, 5 hours. You have to change train in Leeuwarden.

Buy your ticket here:



Travel to and from Stavanger:

It takes 2-30 minutes with the airport express-bus to the city centre.

Another option is to fly to Oslo or Bergen Airport and take the train or express-bus to Stavanger.

Stavanger- Bergen:

Other destinations:

Timetables for train (buy tickets before boarding the train):


Travel to and from Tromsø:

If you can’t find a direct flight to Tromsø, transfer through Oslo is probably the easiest way. The airport express uses 10-15 minutes to the city center.


Travel to and from Oslo:

Christian Radich`s pier is in the centre of Oslo, just opposite the Town Hall. From Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, it takes about 20 minutes into the centre of Oslo. You either get off at the station: Nationaltheateret or you take a taxi from Oslo Central station.



Aalborg City Airport is 6 km from the city center. For more information on departure and arrival: There are daily flights from Copenhagen.

Taxi from the airport: +45 70 25 2525 or + 45 98 10 1010.

You can take the train from Germany or from other parts of Denmark: or express-buses: or to Copenhagen:


Travelling to and from Fredrikstad:

Rygge Airport is about 30 minutes from Fredrikstad. The best is to take the airport-bus, taxi or train. It is even an airport-bus between Gardermoen Airport and Fredrikstad:

You can also take the train:



Travelling to and from Bergen:

Flesland Airport is about  30 minutes by bus to Bergen center and the harbor. You can either take an airport bus or taxi:



Travel to and from Aarhus:

At you get more information about the different transport options to and from Aarhus: