The Christian Radich Foundation follows the instructions from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, on our sailings. If embarking in a foreign port, local and national regulations will apply. To provide the safety against Covid-19 for our trainees and crew, we take these precautions:


Everyone who is going to sail with Christian Radich must fill out an extended health declaration form and bring it aboard. If you answer YES, that you have taken the Covid-19 vaccine, the other questions are irrelevant. If you answer NO to vaccine and YES to one or more of the other questions, you must immediately contact the Foundation/Office to clear the situation. You will receive the health declaration on e-mail before travelling.


If you have symptoms of Covid-19, including mild symptoms, you can not sail with us unless you are vaccinated or can present a negative test taken, not longer than 48 hours before departure.


If the Norwegian or Local Government demand quarantine or special testing for foreign citizens, this is also the rule for trainees and crew travelling with Christian Radich. Please check the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Fhi’s) latest updates before the voyage:  We will update you on local regulations before the voyage starts.

Read our security rules here: Security Rules May 2021-ENG

We will inform about our routines for hand washing and hygiene in the introduction when new trainees arrives. Posters with hygiene routines are visible in central places on board. Alcohol for disinfection will be available in many places on board. Frequent hand washing is very important.


Visitors will not have access to the ship and we will not arrange open ship in the ports. Planned tours ashore, will be done on the condition that the local organizer takes care of the current infection control.

Should a situation occur where a person on board shows symptoms on Covid-19, the person will immediately be isolated on a separate cabin and we will follow given rules handling such a situation.  The ship has necessary contamination equipment aboard and we have a medical officer. Official trainee lists are kept on board, in case we have to track an infection.


We also encourage everyone to pay attention to their fellow sailors and follow the Norwegian Institute of Public Healths’s advices.    as well as local regulations if visiting local ports.

If your test is positive or you because of other reasons due to Covid-19 are prohibited to travel, any payment done to the foundation will in this case be refunded.