Caribbean, Cartagena, Havanna, Bermuda, what about sailing into these exotic harbours in one of the world’s greatest windjammers! We are planning some exciting voyages coming autumn and winter. The ship will cross the Atlantic from Las Palmas to St Lucia in November, hereafter we will have voyages up to three weeks including stops in exotic ports. Wind, ocean and freedom, a dream can become reality! Sailing excperience is not necessary, our crew will supervise you on Board.
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Atlanterhavskart 2018

Voyage Route Departure Arrival Price
1 Las Palmas – St. Maarten,

stop in Cape Verde

5. November 10:00 30. November 14:00 € 2650
2 St. Maarten – Grenada 3. December 10:00 8. December 14:00 €  905
3 Grenada – Cartagena 11. December 10:00 19. December 10:00 € 1325
4 Cartagena – Havanna 4. January 10:00 16. January 14:00 € 1540
5 Havanna – St. Maarten 20. January 10:00 15. February 14:00 € 2500
6 St. Maarten – Horta, The Azores 20. February 10:00 13. March 14:00 € 2500
7 Horta, Azores – A Coruña 15. March 10:00 22. March 14:00 €   905
8 A Coruña – Harlingen 25. March 10:00 4. April 10:00 €   955



Description of the stages:

 Las Palmas – St. Marteen:

We leave Las Palmas 5th of November. We are sailing alongside the famous Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) regatta, this time a stop to Cape Verde. We do not participate in the regatta, but we will start on 5th of November. This time we will sail through Cape Verde. There we have a day’s stay in Mindelo at Sao Vicente. The majority of the population consists of creoles, the islands were an intermediary for slave trade to America.  After spending weeks in the sea, we arrive at St. Marteen, which is one of the best organized places in the Caribbean.





St. Marteen – Grenada:

Now we sail southwards along the Caribbean islands. This island kingdom is considered one of the most attractive in the area. And we take advantage of the fact that the entry permit on the first island applies to the entire area. This way we reduce the bureaucracy and have the most time for ourselves, at several anchorages. They are on the west side of the island, in the shelter of the wind, and there is a lot of sunscreen and bleaching of the bathing glove in the intense sole.





Grenada – Cartagena:

From Grenada, it is on long journeys again, against the exciting country of Colombia and the capital of Cartagena. On the map this sea area may seem small, but the open seas also dominate here. The weather is stable in these areas in December, the current is with us, and the wind is mostly from the east. Therefore, we can sail large parts of the stage. Colombia has been characterized by internal turmoil, but now peace has come and we can meet in a peaceful environment an exciting city and a very warm and friendly people.





Cartagena – Havana:

Now we will sail northwards, and in a part of the Caribbean that has many pearls of small archipelagos. We have pointed out the perhaps best of those, Isla de Providencia.

Lonely Planet describes the islands as something absolutely outstanding. After a few days we will continue on in sunny Caribbean

The tour ends in Cuba’s capital Havana. The magnificent city has gained a significant boost after the tourists have arrived, but one can still feel a lot of the old dictatorship.




Havana – St. Marteen:

We have now set up a new and exciting route.We are planning to visit another city in Cuba, such as Santiago de Cuba.  On the route further towards St. Marteen we pass the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and a number of places most have just dreamed about.  And after a good sail, we arrive at the beginning, Sta. Marteen.






St. Marteen – Azorene:

This is the stage for those who want an extra feather in the hat. Crossing the Atlantic west is easier, now we have to travel north through the Sargasso Sea to find a tailwind. And then it is natural to stop a little-visited gem at this time of year, namely Bermuda.

Further towards the Azores, the North Atlantic offers sailing conditions that may be challenging for pleasure craft, but for Christian Radich it is safe and secure.

After two weeks at sea, the Azores emerge, we land at Faial, where the city of Horta welcomes us.




Azorene – A Coruña:

From Horta there will be shorter stages again. We are still in the Atlantic, on the volcanic Atlantic Ridge, before heading eastwards, usually good sailing winds.

We end up in A Coruña, a nice town on the northwest tip of Spain, which we have had the pleasure of visiting a number of times.

Combine your trip with a visit to Santiago de Compostela, it is the most visited place of pilgrims, very nice and with a special atmosphere.




A Coruña – Harlingen:

Spring has come, and now there are many conditions to sail northwards again.  We are going to cross Biscaya, an area where autumn and winter time can challenge, but which has now calmed down, giving us an opportunity for great sailing.  We expect to sail most of the time against the English Channel, hoping for a tailwind, we can also sail there, towards our ultimate goal.


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