As a trainee, you will participate in the duties on board according to your own condition and interests. Being a trainee is a positive challenge for body and mind. No previous knowledge is required in order to sail with Christian Radich.

The more trainees who will climb aloft, the more we are able to set sails. We also need trainees on deck, to pull the ropes. If you don’t want to climb the rig, you must inform your watch leader. During calm seas, trainees often practice knots, sailing skills and seamanship.

Each trainee will be assigned to one of three watch teams, which have 4 hours duty and 8 hours off- both day and night.




Lookout: The lookout are placed in the front of the ship and will notice everything that is observed in the sea: Boats, fishing gear, wreckage or other floating goods. You use the ship’s clock for signal to the helm.


Helmsman: The helmsman steers the ship under the guidance of the crew. For many, this is a great experience.


Fire and safety watch: The safety-watch patrols the ship every half hour, starting on deck and following a designated patrol route.


Pantry: One or two trainees from each shift may help in the pantry.


Other tasks: When trainees are not assigned to a special task, you participate in sail maneuvers, regular maintenance or help with cleaning.


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