Christian Radich started her first Atlantic crossing in 11 years on November 25th. Around 70 trainees sailed on the ship from Las Palmas and they had fair winds towards warmer and warmer climate. Arriving in St. Lucia was as planned 15 of December. Some of the trainees went home and some stayed on board to experience sailing in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, new sailors came on board to join the voyage eastward. The departure was January 6th from St. Martin. First stop was the beautiful island of Bermuda. Next stop was the island of Faial. On the way, a storm was coming up, so Christian Radich turned southward and sailed around the storm.

On the last leg from Faial to Pt. Delgada, the sea was turbulent, the trainees worked with sails and the ship in general. It’s probably both good and sad to say farewell to the ship and fellow trainees. These trips have for certain been a life changing experience!

We hope it will not be too long until we sail across the Atlantic again!

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