This autumn, the world`s most famous tall ship Christian Radich will sail across the Atlantic with dedicated and enthusiastic trainees, eager to experience something extraordinary.
We did the voyages last year for the first time in eleven years and it was a huge success and a memory for life for the trainees. This upcoming journey will also be an unforgettable and safe experience for the trainees and crew. Starting from Las Palmas on November 24th, Christian Radich will follow the famous regatta ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), without participating in the race directly, but rather enjoying and taking in the ARC atmosphere. During this time of year, we can expect favourable weather conditions – easing the passage across the Atlantic. The destination is set for St. Lucia in the Caribbean islands December 14.

The voyage eastwards will start in St. Martin January 2. The first destination, maybe after a short stop in Bermuda, is Horta on the Island of Faial, Azores. From here you can join the ship south to Las Palmas. Taking advantage of the best possible weather conditions, the course is set towards Bermuda to catch the western winds. The final destination is Las Palmas on February 3. If you can`t join all the way, you can leave the ship in Faial January 25.

Please send an e-mail to if you want us to send you the brochure or registration. You can also download them here:

See the map:Presentasjon vintertokt 2013 Eng – brosjyre

Download the brochure: VIintertokt_ 2013 og 14_ engelsk

Download the registration form: Påmeldingskjema_eng


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