It is now getting close to departure for the first race in Tall Ships Races 2014. For those of you who are signing on Harlingen July 6th, you have to be on board latest 2 hours before departure. Departure is set to 1000 am. Here you can see where in port you can find Christian Radich: Harlingen_kaiplass NY

Have you forgotten anything?
Have you given us all the information we need? If you’ve changed your passport after you booked the voyage, please send us the new passport number. Are you over 70, you must send us a medical certificate, if you haven`t sent it before.  Download the packing list for all the summer-voyages: Info_2014_en

Harlingen and Fredrikstad
Information to those of you who embark a day before departure: The deck is rented out to a reception administrated by the Tall Ships Races this evening. In Fredrikstad the main deck is rented out every night.  We will also have “open ship” in the morning, for the public to see the great ship. The visitors will not have access to the lower deck. We recommend that our trainees take a walk in the city during these times to experience all the events and life in the harbor around the Tall Ships Races.

We are looking forward to welcome you on board the Christian Radich!

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