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The voyages and the prices for 2023 will be ready by the end of September. Read more here.

Sea Norway 2022 – a spectacular adventure

June – August 2022

Sea Norway is a stage-by-stage, Tall Ship voyage along the Norwegian coast between Oslo in the south and Lofoten in the North. News this year is a stop over in Skagen and a voyage to The Faroe Islands.

Experience Lofoten

Sea Norway 2022

Experience the beautiful, Artic district of Lofoten on the sailing ship Christian Radich. Each voyage will start and end in Bodø, but where we go and what we see will be different on every voyage. You will be stunned by the nature everywhere in Lofoten.

Stavanger – Oslo

Stavanger – Oslo

August 09. – 12.

Join Christian Radich for a few days sailing along the southern coast of Norway. We start in Stavanger and you will experience our beautiful coastline.

Go with the wind 2022

Go with the wind – 2022

Oslo – Oslo

August 29 – September 07

Join Christian Radich on a 9-days sailing from and to Oslo. The voyage will go whereever the winds leads us.