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Sandefjord – Skagen – Stavanger

Sea Norway 2023

June 24 – 28 

Sea Norway from Sandefjord to Stavanger with a short stop in Skagen, a charming town in Denmark.

Sail with the wind

Sea Norway 2023

Stavanger – Trondheim

June 24 – 28 

The ship sails where the winds are best on this voyage. Enjoy life on board!

Voyage to the Tall Ships Races

Sea Norway 2023

Bergen – Fredrikstad

July 11 – 16

Voyage along the southern coast of Norway to the Tall Ships Races.

Cruise in Company

Tall Ships Races 2023

Fredrikstad – Lerwick

July 17 – 27

Tall Ships Races and Cruise in Company, friendship and sailing.

Cruise in Company

Tall Ships Races 2023

Fredrikstad – Stavanger

July 17 – 22

Tall Ships Races and Cruise in Company along the southern coast of Norway.

Tall Ships Races, Stavanger – Lerwick

Tall Ships Races 2023

Stavanger – Lerwick

July 22 – 27

Cruise-in-Company sailing across the North Sea to Shetland.

Final Race, Lerwick – Arendal

Tall Ships Races 2023

Lerwick – Arendal

July 29 – August 04

Racing is fun, we hope to win, but more important is to have fun sailing.

Cruise in Company and final race

Tall Ships Races 2023

Fredrikstad – Lerwick – Arendal

July 17 – August 04

Cruise in company and a race – you get it all!

The Helgeland coast with Christian Radich – Sea Norway 2022

Kristiansund – Bodø

July 5-8

Sail with us  from the  clipfish capital, Kristiansund north to Bodø. If the weather allows it, we will make a stop at Svartisen.

Experience Lofoten

Sea Norway 2022

Experience the beautiful, Artic district of Lofoten on the sailing ship Christian Radich. Each voyage will start and end in Bodø, but where we go and what we see will be different on every voyage. You will be stunned by the nature everywhere in Lofoten.

Bodø – Ålesund, Sea Norway 2022

Bodø – Ålesund

July 26 – 29

The voyage from Bodø to Ålesund takes us along the coast of Helgeland, a beautiful coastline. The captain decides if the winds are good and we will leave the coast for more sailing.

Experience the south of Norway with Radich – Sold out!

Sea Norway 2022

Oslo- Kristiansand

June 18 – 21

Join the ship from Oslo,  along the coast to Kristiansand on the southern tip of Norway, with a stopover in Skagen on the tip of Denmark.