The Norwegian coast from Oslo to North Cape

Oslo-Bergen via Farsund: June 26th – July 1st
The first jubilee voyage starts in Oslo and proceeds south around the Norwegian coastline and up to Bergen. Southwards, we will sail through Skagerrak – perhaps as far as getting a glimpse of Denmark, before setting course for Farsund. This lovely town has a proud maritime history. Whilst the ship is open for tourists and residents of Farsund, the trainees will experience a guided tour to Lista’s beautiful beaches. In the evening we will continue our voyage to Bergen via spectacular coastal areas from Jæren to Bergen.

Bergen-Tromsø: July 2nd – 9th
During the voyage to Tromsø, we will pass through Norway’s spectacular coastal areas. The fjords, islands and mountains are strikingly beautiful. Trainees can expect some good sailing as we approach the Helgeland archipelago in the north. Here are photo subjects on the assembly line, and maybe we will meet the impressive sea eagles on our way.

Next is Lofoten, which is one of Norway’s most impressive areas with majestic mountain walls rising up from the sea and the midnight sun! Depending on the weather and safety considerations, the captain will decide on the route through this spectacular landscape, to ensure that the trainees will have a memorable experience. After Lofoten, we pass Vesterålen, Andøya and the island of Senja, before we end in Tromsø – a city famous for its nightlife. During summer, the sun shines all night long!
During this voyage, we will include as much sailing as we possibly can according to weather and safety considerations. There are plenty of opportunities for short stops along our way, such as the glacier Svartisen,  Træna, and Trollfjorden. 

Tromsø – Hammerfest via North Cape: July 11th – 13th
Hammerfest – Tromsø via North Cape: July 15th -17th
Experiencing the true north of Europe is something many have on their list of desired tourist experiences. During the voyage to Hammerfest, you will experience just that – including Troms’ impressive mountains and Finnmark’s remarkable coastline. Imagine that, being on board the world’s most beautiful full-rigged ship on her 75th anniversary voyage! Our route takes us around Magerøya close to Honningsvåg, before we will see the North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe. In Hammerfest, we will join another celebration, namely the city’s birthday, which is celebrated the entire week. The leg back from Hammerfest has the same contents, but we might opt for a slightly different route.
Please note our special offer on combining one of these legs with the Bergen-Tromsø or Tromsø-Bodø voyages.

Tromsø-Bodø:  July 19th – 23rd
The spectacular landscapes of Lofoten, Vestfjorden and Vesterålen attract tourists from all over the world. We have plenty of time to investigate this stunning area.  Trainees will see numerous islands, picturesque fishing villages, white sandy beaches and mountains that rise more than 1000 meters above sea level. You will experience sailing, tourist experiences and perhaps catching enough fish to feed everyone on board. Daylight will persist 24/7 and you will hardly go to sleep, – only have a strong desire for experiencing more of this fantastic scenery.

We will meet the famous “Hurtigruten” cruise ships several times along the way – perhaps in the narrow Trollfjorden if we are lucky. Other remarkable spots include Svolvær, Henningsvær, Værøy and Røst. According to wind and weather, there might be opportunities to go ashore.

Bodø-Trondheim: July 25th – Aug 1st
During this voyage, we have plenty of time to explore Helgeland, a coastline less crowded than Lofoten, but just as fantastic!  Here, you will see magnificent former fishing villages with many restored houses that are now used as cottages. There are more islands than you can count and in the horizon you can spot Træna. This fishing village has its origin from almost 9000 years ago. Further on, we find Lovund, Rødøy, Dønna and Vega, and between these famous spots there are a number of islands with unique bird life. On the mainland we can observe the glacier Svartisen between the high mountains.  Further south, we can see the famous group of mountains called The Seven Sisters.

We are planning a stop in Brønnøysund, from where we will take a short bus ride (included) and go for a walk through the hole in the Torghatten mountain. During our stay ashore there may be other events on board, but your luggage will be well taken care of. Towards Trondheim, we look forward to fair winds and much sailing.

Ålesund – Stavanger, with Jazz concerts in Haugesund:  Aug. 7th-12th
Imagine seeing the west coast of Norway from the world’s most beautiful full-rigged ship on her 75th anniversary-voyage! Hardly anything can match experiencing the west coast landscape from Christian Radich – sailing through fjords, passing through small, picturesque places and having numerous great experiences together with fellow trainees. We will anchor in Haugesund, at this year’s Sildajazz (“Herring-jazz”), which is one of the largest jazz festivals in Norway attracting about 50,000 visitors annually!

You can join many free concerts and we will get access to concert tickets at reasonable prices. During this stay, the ship will go for a fjord cruise or have visiting tourists on board. You may stay on board the two nights we are in town – it is included in the price. All trainees can join us on the last day’s fjord cruise across Boknafjorden to Stavanger, when we also will invite other passengers on board.

Stavanger-Oslo:  Aug. 13th -17th
In August, the water is still warm. The summer is coming to an end, but the coast is still as beautiful and there is plenty to see! Hopefully, the wind will yield good sailing experiences along the south coast, also named the Norwegian gold coast due to nice weather conditions and its charming archipelago. We may see Skagen in Denmark on the way home or even the Swedish Koster islands. On the way through the Oslo fjord, we look forward to a warm welcome from Oslo after an eventful summer.

Sightseeing in the cities
Together with the local tourist offices, we offer exciting excursions in Bodø, Tromsø, Hammerfest and Trondheim at an extra cost. Tourist offices will also help you with hotel accommodation if necessary.