Lysbilde1Christian Radich will join Tall Ships Races again in 2016. This time the route goes south, all the way to Cadiz before the fleet turns for Cruise-in-Company to A Coruña. You can  book your ticket online, or email us a registration form at an additional fee of 17 euros.

Please make sure to read our practical information prior to going on a voyage.

Welcome on board to newcomers and recurring sailors!

Summer voyages 2016 – dates and prices:

Voyage  Route Departure Arrival Euro
1 Oslo – Kiel June 21, 18:00 June 24, 18:00 525
2 Kiel – Eemshaven June 27, 12:00 June 30, 08:001) 360
3 Delfzijl– Antwerp July 3, 12:00 July 7, 14:00 550
4 Antwerp – Lisbon (race) July 10, 10:00 July 22, 14:00 1320
5 Lisbon – Cadiz (race) July 25, 10:00 July 28, 14:00 525
6 Cadiz – A Coruña

(Cruise in Company)

July 31, 10:00 August 11, 14:00 1295
7 Blyth – Gothenburg (race) August 29, 10:00 September 3, 14:00 625

                Changes in arrival and departure time may occur.

1) Arrival the day before.

Given good weather conditions, the arrival date may be earlier. You may of course stay on board until the given date. There may also be some waiting to be allowed to get into port.

Extra night on board incl. breakfast, € 60 per night.

Max 1 night prior to and/or 1 night after the voyage 2), not before leg 1 and after leg 2. Check-in on board 2 hours before departure, unless other information is provided. Trainees taking part on several voyages may stay on board incl. breakfast during harbor stays.

2) Youth 15-25 years may stay on board 2 nights after the voyage (only breakfast will be served). Only 1 night is possible for all after voyage no 1 (in Kiel).

The deck will be closed for the trainees if customers have contracted the deck for special occasions.

Special offers      
34 Delfzijl –Antwerp – Lisbon Incl. three nights in Antwerp with breakfast 1655
56 Lisbon – Cadiz – A Coruña Incl. three nights in Cadiz with breakfast 1710


Youth 12 -25 years: 10% discount applies on each leg and on special offers. 15% discount on races for youth from 15 years.

About the summer voyages 2016

From Oslo to Kiel
The first summer voyage starts just before midsummer. After safety information and rig-training, the ship will set sail for Kiel. The summer is at its brightest up north and we will sail in the Danish archipelago, with mostly calm waters. We have plenty of time to reach Kiel in time, and we hope to sail as much as possible. In Kiel we participate in the Kieler Woche, a sailing festival that characterizes the city for almost a whole week.

Through the Kiel Canal, from Kiel to Eemshaven
When Kieler Woche ends, we are heading towards Eemshaven, to the next festival, called DelfSail. We will go through the Kiel Canal for motor. The channel is like a floating highway through farmland and pleasant villages on land. If the wind is good to us, we will set sail after the Canal, and sail against Eemshaven. We arrive in the evening and the trainees leave the ship the next morning. Christian Radich gets ready for the Sail-in with local passengers. Eemshaven and Delfzijl are not far from Amsterdam, which has a wide range of connecting flights. The voyage is short and varied, and it provides a taste of Christian Radich both through the Kiel Canal and while sailing.

From Delfzijl to Antwerp
After a great sail parade from Delfzijl, we will sail for three days and nights along the coast of Holland and Belgium. We will be able to sail much of the time. There will also be time to enjoy life on deck, and of course we hope for sunshine. The Tall Ships Races 2016 start in Antwerp. The city is Belgium’s largest seaport and it’s known for its long maritime traditions. Antwerp has also previously been the host city for the Tall Ships Races.

Race 1, from Antwerp to Lisbon
This race, which lasts 12 days, has long traditions. The first race for training ships was held in 1956, from Torbay to Lisbon. 60 years later we will sail almost the same route. Christian Radich was the fastest of the square rigged ships in 1956, and she won the anniversary race in 2006. Now, 10 years later, we aim to win again, and many of our loyal trainees will join us! The City of Lisbon has southern charm, delicious food, and there is much to see and experience here. We recommend you to plan for a few extra days in the city.

Race 2, from Lisbon to Cadiz
After a few days in charming Lisbon, we prepare for a new race, a much shorter one this time. In these areas it may be difficult to make the right tactical choices. Currents and winds may alter the results from day to day, and will make the race even more exciting.  This is a popular leg, not least because the cities of Lisbon and Cádiz  have so much to offer. The small city of Cádiz has a nice old town, and many of the trainees enjoy some extra days in this area. There are flights to the rest of Europe from the “sherry town” Jerez, and Malaga is a couple of hours bus drive away.

Cruise in Company from Cadiz to A Coruña
On the Cruise in Company legs there is time to both sail and stop in one or two charming minor ports along the way. Close to Cádiz is Cabo Trafalgar, where the British naval hero Lord Nelson ended his days in 1805. We will sail along the Algarve coast and up north along the coasts of Portugal. The leg ends in A Coruña, a great city that has previously been awarded the best Tall Ships festival. Santiago de Compostela is less than an hour away by train. It is the world’s most famous place of pilgrimage, and the apostle James is buried here. We recommend you to use this opportunity to visit this famous city. You will easily find flights to the rest of Europe from here.

North Sea Tall Ships Regatta, from Blyth to Gothenburg
Blyth is just north of Newcastle, and here starts an additional race. Many of the vessels from the Tall Ship fleet will join, and we can expect a fight for the first prize!  Summer vacations are over in Norway, but not in the North Sea! We have reason to hope for fair winds, at the best we will be reaching towards Gothenburg, hopefully faster than the competitors. The sailing city of Gothenburg welcomes the ships with a festival, which marks the end of several exciting summer voyages this year.