May  11-17.2020

Come sail with Christian Radich westwards on this great voyage to Shetland. For over thousand years ago, the Vikings sailed westwards to Shetland. There are many rumors about their brutal behavior, and most of it is exaggerated. Most of the Vikings had good intentions and they were traders. Today visitors are very welcome on these islands. The ship will be moored quayside in Lerwick. You can join a sightseeing tour and it is time to visit the Lerwick on your own as well.

We arrive Stavanger May 17th on Norways National Day, everyone are out to celebrate with flags and music. The schools and the shops are closed, everyone are out in the street to celebrate. You can stay on board until the 18th and be a part of the celebration.

DEPARTURE Ålesund 11. 05. 2020 16:00
ARRIVAL Stavanger 17.05. 2020 09:00



Ålesund Airport Vigra is about 15-20 minutes from the city center. Website: You can take the shuttle bus to and from Ålesund, it takes approximately 25 minutes. Route information can be found here: On the same website, you find information about express-bus from Oslo as well.

Ship location in Ålesund


Travel to and from Stavanger:

Many airlines have flights to Stavanger. The airport expressbus uses 20-30 minutes to the city center. An alternative is to fly to Oslo and take the train or expressbus to Stavanger. (8-9 hours).

Ship location in Stavanger