July 22 – 25

Experience the beautiful, Artic district of Lofoten on the sailing ship Christian Radich. The captain will decide where to go when he sees the weather forecast and the directions of the wind. In this way we will get the best out of the voyage. Lofoten has so much to offer, and the distances are quite short. A good thing with not having a fixed route is that we have time to the unexpected, maybe we will spot killer whales. We often have time to do fishing, the captain knows the best places and trainees has caught some real big fishes in the Moskenestraumen. Everywhere we sail and where we make stops in Lofoten, you will be overwhelmed by its rugged nature and steep mountains, the beautiful beaches, and the picturesque villages.



22. 07. 2024 16:00

22. 07. 2024 18:00

ARRIVAL Bodø 25. 07. 2024 09:00

CHILDREN 8 – 14 YEARS  nok 3690

YOUTH 15 – 17 YEARS  nok 5535

Children from 8-14 together with their parents. Youth from 15 years can travel alone.

You must bring hardwearing, warm clothes that are water- and windproof, and good shoes. Even if you sail in summer, it can be cold at sea, especially on night watch.


 Other items:

  • Passport, this also applies to Norwegians sailing between Norwegian ports
  • Sleeping bag, not too warm
  • Cap
  • Gloves
  • Toiletries
  • Suntan lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes with rubber soles, or rubber boots
  • Towel
  • Personal medicines
  • Mobil phone charger
  • Small backpack for going ashore
  • Pack your belongings in a soft bag without wheels. (it must be stored in your locker, which only takes 120 liters).
  • Bring a small padlock to lock your locker with, or buy one on board.


The on board shop

Our shop carries snacks, chocolate, soft drinks, toiletries and souvenirs.


Mobile phones and power

There is no mobile phone coverage when we are in open sea. If you require contact with people ashore, the ship and the office will assist you. The power supply onboard is 220V AC.


Washing clothes

Normally, it’s not possible to wash your clothes on board. However, if your voyage

is longer than one week, you may contact the sergeant about using the ships washing machine.



The ship has limited space for luggage. Your luggage allowance is a bag of 120 litres.

Seasickness and drugs

Remember to notify the sergeant and watch leader on board if you use seasick medication or seasick bandage. When using seasickness medication you are not allowed to enter the rig within a certain time after use, 6 hours after the last pill taken and 12 hours after the seasick bandage is removed. When at sea/sailing the ship is “dry,” i.e. totally alcohol restricted.