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Anniversary book

This book, written to Christian Radich’s 70th anniversary is still popular.
A nice book that was made to celebrate Christian Radich 70 years.

Book – Tall Ships Today

This book celebrates all the ships today. It has great pictures and information about different ships around the world.


Our beautiful caps are in the color dark blue.
The caps come in one size.

CD, Christian Radich

Listen to music that can inspire you to sail with us.

Coastal knife w / logo

This is a special knife for seamen and fishing, but can be used in many ways.
That is nice to bring along in the woods and fields

Eyeglass strap

These are great to use when you are sailing.

They are practical for sailors because they float on the water.

They are available in one size

Fleece Jacket

This jacket will warm you on  a voyage with Christian Radich.
Also a great gift to someone special.
The jacket is in size S, M, L, XL

Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect present to someone who has everything?

A gift card can provide an experience for a lifetime with Christian Radich.
You decide the amount of money on the gift card.

Hooded Sweatshirt

Our popular sweaters are great to have when you are travelling with Christian Radich.
A nice gift idea for someone you know. A good idea for a present.
They are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Knitted hat

This hat keeps you warm a cold night on board Christian Radich. These warm hats are good to have when sailing out with Christian Radich. The hats are available in mustard yellow, blue, black and red.

Lady fit T-shirt

Great t-shirts for women.
Available in several sizes.

Metal mug

This is a great mug, for enjoying a good cup of coffee.
Available in one size