September 23-26.2019

Welcome to sail with the Christian Radich in the Mediterranean. This is a unique change to sail a Tallship in the Mediterranean. It’s late summer and the days are still warm.

DEPARTURE Malaga 23. 09. 2019 20:00
ARRIVAL Palma de Mallorca  26.09. 2019 18:00

We sail from Malaga September 23 and the first stop is the beautiful Palma de Mallorca. You are a trainee on board and you participate in the work with sails and ropes.

Price children 12 – 15 years/youth 15- 25 years: 5015,- NOK


Malaga is known for sun and beautiful beaches. The city has a long history, it is actually one of the world’s oldest cities, founded in the 700’s. The Alcazaba fortress was built already in the 11th century. It is worth a visit. Picasso was born in Malaga, and you will find a Picasso museum here.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma has the pulse of the metropolis, and you can also enjoy a relaxed life here. In Palma you can shop in all price ranges, but you can also sit back and just enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine at a local café. We recommend one of the small squares in the old town, right by the beautiful Cathedral de Palma