July 24- 01 August 2019

Everyone can join, even the races, no matter sailing experience or not. It’s exciting to compete with the other ships, it makes the sailing extra exciting. Arriving in Aarhus we will join in on the Tall Ships celebration

DEPARTURE Bergen 24. 07  10:00
ARRIVAL Aarhus 01.08 14:00

If you want to book the trip, send a email to postmaster@radich.no

Additional accommodation with breakfast, 60 Euro, after arrival in Aarhus. 

Additional nights include breakfast. If you are on multiple trips, you can book accommodation on board throughout the period in the port. 

Only breakfast is served on board.

This is not possible at all legs. 

Are you young and like sailing?  20% discount on the trip is given to young people between 12-25 years!