August 23-27.2020

Check-in is the evening before departure. If you arrive early, you will join the Sail Bremerhaven festival. We head out into the North Sea and later Skagerrak on our way back to Oslo, Christian Radichs hometown. We will have the sails up as much as possible on the last voyage this summer.

DEPARTURE Bremerhaven 23. 08. 2020 20:00
ARRIVAL Oslo 27.08. 2020 10:00



You can fly to Bremen international airport, from here you can take tram line 6 to the Central Station and then take the train from here to Bremerhaven, it takes about 45 minutes. Check:

It is also possible to take the train from Hamburg Central Station, it takes about two hours.

Ship location in Bremerhaven


Travel to and from Oslo:

Christian Radich`s pier is in the centre of Oslo, just opposite the Town Hall. From Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, it takes about 20 minutes into the centre of Oslo. You either get off at the station: Nationaltheateret or you take a taxi from Oslo Central station.

Ship location in Oslo