July 26- 29.

This stage takes you from Bodø to Ålesund, a city known for it’s Art Noveau Architecture . The coast of Helgeland is also one of the most visited places in summer time. The nature is “breathtaking”!

After departure, you can settle into the unique rhythm of life at sea with your co-sailor colleagues. The ship will go with the winds, either along the coast or further out, if we get a better sailing here.

The third day, we go into Ålesund, the city is worth a visit before you travel home.



July 26. 2022 16:00

July 26 2022 18:00

ARRIVAL Ålesund July 29. 2022 09:00
NOT INCLUDED Flights and transfers to and from the ship, drinks on board (available for local prices). Field trips, other personal expenses.