This summer Christian Radich will be participating in the Tall Ships Race.

The journey will consist of exciting tours in various waters. We look forward to the competition, and hope you’ll join us!


March 23-27.2020 Join Christian Radich across the North Sea in April. A challenge and an adventure!
per person


March 28 - april 01. 2020 This will be a unique voyage along the Norwegian coast, from Stavanger in the south to Ålesund on the westcoast of Norway.
per person

Ski&Sail Sunnmøre

April 03-07.2020 Join uf on one of our legendary Ski& Sail voyages, and see some of the best of Norway!
per person

Ski&Sail Lofoten

April 15-19.2020 It is with great enthusiasm that Christian Radich & Fri Flyt Tur launch our new destination for 2020. Join us to Lofoten!
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