First and foremost, it is important to note that the arrival in Bergen July 24 is changed to 1500. We hope this will not affect your travelling from Bergen. The change is because the three Norwegian sail ships will be the last to arrive in Bergen in a separate parade. We think this will be a great experience!

Stop along the way
During cruise-in-company we usually make two stops. We will decide the first stop along the way, either together with other ships, or we choose a nice place to drop anchor.

July 22, we will make an overnight stop in Skudeneshavn on the southern tip of Karmøy. Skudeneshavn is a charming city with a lot of tradition. In earlier centuries vessels from Skudeneshavn could be found on all oceans around the world. The story goes back to 1808, when herring fisheries where booming and what we now call Old Town grew. Around 130 houses and warehouses are preserved. We have organized a walking tour for our trainees while Christian Radich will make a fjord tour for the city on the evening of July 22.

We believe this will be an experience for our trainees!

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