Earlier today, an email including tips and information about this summer’s voyages was sent to this summer’s trainees on board Christian Radich. If you have booked a voyage on board but did not receive the email, it is possible that we either have the wrong email address or that the email is caught in your spam filter. The email includes the following information:


Traveling to and from ports
You must book transportation to and from ports yourself, and to make it easier for you to plan your trip we have listed some traveling options. These are only suggestions, and there are plenty of alternatives. If you combine the voyage with a vacation, other routes may be more sensible.


Valid passport
It is important that your passport is valid during the voyage. If your passport is about to expire, we recommend that you renew it as soon as possible.
All trainees must submit their passport number. If you have not sent us yours yet, please email it to postmaster@radich.no no later than two weeks before departure.

If you are over 70 years old, you must send us a health form. If you have not done so already, please email it to us as soon as possible.


Do you wonder what to expect on a voyage? The most important information about voyages can be found on our website. The quotes below is feedback from trainees who have previously sailed with us, which may give you an idea of how some people experience going on a voyage:

I was apprehensive and anxious about the voyage, being with strangers and if I was capable to do some tasks but after the experience I don’t know why I was so worried. The people are so friendly and caring as we’re all on the same boat, quite literally. You form a bond with the crew and the trainees on your watch, making unforgettable friendships and experiences together. The crew are extremely helpful when it comes to tasks and do their best to make sure your comfortable, they always keep you up to date and well fed with knowledge. I’ll never forget the Christian Radich, it becomes home, I miss it very much and hope to return.

One of my favourite moments on the Christian Radich happened whilst we were all on duty waiting for our next orders. It was quite cold so whilst waiting we decided to all start singing loudy and clapping and even managed to get the crew involved. We then decided to teach people The Waves of Tory (an Irish dance) which turned out to be a great way to warm up. The sing songs were hilarious and a great way of bonding. I know I have made some lifelong friends on the voyage and I wouldn’t have changed any part of it for the world. Thank you Christian Radich for letting me join you on such a fantastic adventure!


Have you ordered a handbook but not received it yet? Download it from our website or contact us at postmaster@radich.no and we will send you a copy.

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