Christian Radich har hatt noen fantastiske dager på Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe.

Dette er en øy med vakre omgivelser;

Flere av vårt mannskap var og titte rundt på øya;

Dette er noe av det fine ved å seile med Christian Radich. Man får ulike opplevelser på steder man besøker.

I dag seiler vi videre mot St.Maarten.

Vi ankommer St.Maarten torsdag 15.februar.

Vi gleder oss til videre seilas!

HIlsen oss på Christian Radich

It is now getting close to departure for the voyage with Christian Radich from Delfzijl to Antwerp. On the map over Delfzijl you can see where Christian Radich is moored. You can always keep track of where Christian Radich is.

There is a big sailing festival in Delfzijl – Delfsail. You can read more about the event here and it is worth spending some time here if you arrive a day before departure.

When the ship leaves Delfzijl, each trainee will be assigned to one of three watch teams which have 4 hours on duty and 8 hours off – both day and night. You can read more about the job you do as trainee on our web site. Have you not received our handbook, please email us and we will send you one.


What should I pack?

Summer weather in the north is unpredictable. The most important thing to remember when packing is clothes that are waterproof, windproof and good shoes. You can see our list of what we recommend you to bring.



In Antwerp, the festival for the Tall Ships Races begin. There is a lot going on! If you will join the ship to Lisbon, or if you will stay some nights in Antwerp, we hope you will join the crew parade on July 8.


Have you forgotten anything?

Have you given us all the information we need? If you’ve changed your passport after you booked the voyage, please send us the new passport number. If you are over 70 years old, you must send us a medical certificate if you haven’t done so before.

We are looking forward to welcome you on board the Christian Radich!

Sunday 26.05.2016 you can see the the grand tall ship first hand in Kiel when Christian Radich is open to the general public. You are welcome on board between 1300 and 1500 hrs.

We will be docking at Schwedenkai and hope to see you on board!

Kart Kiel

Tall Ships Races visits some old and traditional ports in Spain this year. Cádiz on the Southwestern coast, situated on a narrow slice of land surrounded by the sea‚ it is, in most respects, a typically Andalusian city. Cruise-in-Company starts here, goes along the coast of Portugal and ends in A Coruna, northwest in Spain. Both cities have long maritime traditions and are worth visiting.

If you find it hard to travel to and from these Cities, we have a few tips for you: To and from ports

Fridtjof is known to many of the crew and also trainees, after two periods on board the Christian Radich, as 2nd mate in 2003 and later as 1st mate in 2007-2009.

Fridtjof starts during the summer and we are looking forward to welcome him on board.

We wish all our trainees and friends a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

The Office is closed Christmas Eve, Dec 25. and 26. and New Years Eve. The other days we are open as usual between 0800 and 1600.

The brochure with the summer voyages 2016 is ready and on it`s way to our faithful trainees and good friends. You can download it here: Voyages 2016 or you can send us an e-mail if you want us to mail it to you. What about giving a voyage to someone for Christmas? You can choose the amount on the presentcard. Questions? Send us an e-mail: postmaster@radich.no

Winter voyage around the Canari Islands means:

A week sailing in warm waters, and perhaps with a stop somewhere we have not been before.

Dep. 03. January 2015 20:00 Arr. 10. January 08:00 € 1037


Download the brochure: Winter-brochure 2014 Download registration: Påmeldingskjema_eng

Tall Ships Races 2014 starts in Harlingen, The Netherlands. Fredrikstad is the destination for the first race. Cruise in Company goes from Fredrikstad to Bergen and the last race goes to Esbjerg, Denmark. We have also found some exciting voyages before and after the Tall Ships Races. Here you see all the voyages.

NEWS about the voyages 2014: Info_web eng_Bergen

See practical information – what to bring: Info_2014_en and how to get to and from ports: Travel

Read more in the brochure: Summer voyages 2014

Bergen – Esbjerg (race) – SOLD OUT

We will prepare our best sail to win the final race!

Dep. 27. July 10:00 Arr. 2. August 11:00 € 850



Esbjerg – Warnemünde via the Kiel Canal

We sail if possible, and go by motor via the Kiel Canal.

Dep. 5. August 10:00 Arr. 7. August 22:00 € 240



Warnemünde – Copenhagen

A short voyage by motor.

Dep. 10. August 20:00 Arr. 11. August 10:00 € 60



Copenhagen – Oslo

A voyage with spacious time in order to sail a lot.

Dep. 11. August 15:00 Arr. 16. August 12:00 € 730




Youth: 12-15 years old: A discount of 10% applies on each leg and on special offers. (15% on races, youth from 15 years).

Family: When booking min. 3 persons from the same household a discount of 15% applies.

Max 1 type of discount per person.



The ship can accommodate 80 trainees – everyone can sail with Christian Radich – and they do! Each trainee is assigned to one of three watch teams which have 4 hours on duty and 8 hours off – both day and night. Among the duties are lookout, fire-and safety patrols, sail manoeuvres and steering – all performed under professional supervision. The sail manoeuvres can be demanding, but spectacular. Entering the rig is the ultimate event to many, but it is not mandatory.

The trainees sleep in hammocks or bunk beds in two comfortable, air-conditioned dormitories below deck. The ship has modern shower facilities and serves three excellent meals per day. A small slope chest is also available where souvenirs, toiletries and snacks can be purchased.

Appropriate clothing is necessary, including rainwear and warm and windproof clothes.  Further information regarding what to bring along will be sent out with the trainee handbook after registration.

The age limit is 15 years (on departure date), or 12 years when sailing with parents on non-race legs . If you are over 70 years of age, we need a health certificate from your doctor. You must be healthy enough to participate in the work on board.





After a somewhat delayed stay at the yard, Christian Radich is on the way to Oslo and the celebration of the Constitution Day! The ship arrives the night before May 17 and will shine like new at the quayside. The exterior is painted, but some of the works inside remain and will be done in Oslo.

Thanks to a tremendous effort from our crew, Christian Radich is ready to welcome and handle all guests and events in May. When June comes we look forward to the summer voyages and Tall Ships Races in home waters.

There are few places left on the voyages, so be quick if you want to join!



It is still possible to join Christian Radich on this summer`s final voyage between Odense and Oslo:

Odense – Oslo: Dep: Aug. 15, 12:00   Arrival: Aug. 18, 10:00 – € 505

Please contact us: Postmaster@radich.no if you are interested.

Here is this summer`s schedule: 

Voyage Route Departure Arrival Euro
1 Stord/Stavanger – Arhus 30. June 14:00/21:00 4. July 11:00 635
2 Aarhus – Helsinki, race 1 7. July 10:00 17. July 11:00* 1270
3 Helsinki – Riga, Cruise in Company 20. July 10:00 25. July 11:00 790
4 Riga – Stettin, race 2 28. July 10:00 3. Aug 11:00* 915
5 Stettin – Rostock/Warnemünde 6. Aug 10:00 8. Aug 09:00 430
6 Rostock – Oslo 11. Aug 19:00 18. Aug 10:00 990 
12 Stord – Helsinki incl. three nights in Aarhus     1890
23 Aarhus – Riga incl. three nights in Helsinki     1990

 34   Helsinki – Stettin incl. three nights in Riga                                                                    1690

Rostock – Odense: Dep: Aug. 11, 19:00  Arrival: Aug. 14, 12:00 – € 495

Odense – Oslo: Dep: Aug. 15, 12:00   Arrival: Aug. 18, 10:00 – € 505

Changes in arrival- and departure times may occur.
*Given good conditions, the arrival date may be earlier. You will of course stay on board until given date.

Extra night on board including breakfast € 50 per night:
Max 1 night before and/or 1 night after the voyage, not before leg 1 and 6, and not after leg 5 og 6. (10 % discount when booked together with your voyage). 
Check-in on board minimum 2 and until 3 hours before departure. (In Stavanger at 21:00 precisely).
Trainees taking part on several voyages may stay on board during harbour stays (only breakfast will be served). The deck will be closed for the trainees, if customers have contracted the deck for special occasions. 


Youth 12 -25 years old: A discount of 10% applies on each leg and on special offers (15% on races, yout from 15 years)
Family: When booking minimum 3 persons from the same household a discount of 15% applies
Max. 1 type of discount per person.

See the map: Toktkart 2013 – engelsk   See the brochure: 128274 ENG chr radic 2013  Online booking Registration form: Påmeldingskjema_eng

Travel to and from the ports

The ships are always easily visible in the ports. As soon as we know the locations in the various ports, we will inform on www.radich.no. If you look in to https://my.yb.tl/christianradich/, you will at any time see how Christian Radich is.

Here you will find current information from the host ports of the Tall Ships Races www.sailtraininginternational.org/events/the-tall-ships-races-2013


The city of Aarhus invites the public to port July 4-7. On visitAarhus.dk , you will get more information about the various transport options to and from Aarhus: www.visitaarhus.dk


is a city with many flights from different countries. The airport is 19 km outside the city. The tall ships will be located in the west of the port of Hietalahti. On www.visithelsinki.fi, you will find helpful information on travel to and from


The Events will take place in Riga Passenger Terminal. See map on this link: www.liveriga.com/en/5958
The airport of Riga is about. 20 minutes from downtown, here is more information: www.riga-airport.com

You can fly direct to Stettin from many airports, but it is only 90 minutes by car to Berlin and the airports here. www.airport.com.pl / en / shows / start page
Tourist office: www.zamek.szczecin.pl/cikit/index.php?lang=en

Rostock / Warnemünde
It is possible to fly to Rostock with a stopover in Germany. It is also possible to fly to Hamburg and take the train to Rostock. The train takes about 2-3 hours. www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g187331-i449-k1990499-Getting_from_Hamburg_to_Rostock-Hamburg.html




It is not often Christian Radich do voyages other than in the summer season. In Norway we have the bright spring- and summer nights and a weekend voyage from Oslo and southwards will be a lovely experience!  The ship will leave from Akershuskaia in Oslo Thursday and return at the same pier on Sunday.  We plan to go to Koster, the picturesque Swedish Island.

Price per person € 565

Departure: Oslo / Akershus Kaia Thursday 9 May 1500
Arrival: Oslo / Akershus Kaia Sunday 12 May 1700

Thursday: Introduction, security and rigtraining.
Friday: Sailing.
Saturday: Arrival at Koster about 1200, time on your own.  At 1800: Dinner on board.
Sunday: We go by motor back to Oslo, arriving approx. at 1700

In Koster, you can rent a bicycle and explore the island on your own. At night there will be a nice dinner on board (drinks not included). All meals included.
As usual, we depend on the winds and weather and changes to the program due to this, may occur. Otherwise the same conditions as the summer voyages.


It is over ten years since the ship sailed across the Atlantic and many have asked us when it will be possible to do this again. Since we broke the news late in August, there has been a great interest in the Voyage and now it is sold out!

We will follow ARC (Atlantic Rally for cruisers) to St. Lucia with opportunities for many extra days in the Caribbean. This is spectacular! And for those of you who want a life changing experience, we recommend to join the voyage back from St. Martin 6th of January, arriving in the Azores (Ponta Delgada) February 1.

postmaster@radich.noSee more details.    Map: Presentasjon vintertokt Norsk_utentekst

Now it is possible to book both voyages and fjordcruises directly on www.radich.no. A long project is close to its end, and it will be much easier for you as trainee to book directly online. We have not launched this with a great fanfare, but have chosen to do it quietly in order to deal with any problems that might occur in this early stage. Anyway, we hope this will make bookings easier for you in the future.


Now you can see where Christian Radich is at any time and follow her route. By clicking on this link you will find updated information about her route and position. Click here.


Christian Radich leaves Stavanger today for her last leg on the Jubilee voyages this summer. It has been a wonderfuld experience for crew and trainees to sail along our beautiful coastline! On friday we welcome Christian Radich back in Oslo again!

The ports:

In Tromsø, she will be at pier 8, close to Rica Ishavshotell and in Hammerfest, she will also be located in the center of the city next to the local culture-house, in Bodø she will be at Damskipskaien, in Trondheim at Pier 2, place 9 until aug 2. in the evening, then she moves to Cruiseterminalen/Pierbadet. In Aalesund the port is Skansekaia and in Haugsesund: Smedasundet, in central Haugesund. In Stavanger she will be at Strandkaien. In all the ports it will be easy to find the ship!


Special offer – Trondheim – Ålesund: 

Due to cancellations we have set up a leg with a special price between Trondheim and Ålesund from August 3-5 for only € 238, – pr. person. It runs from Friday to Sunday and is perfect for those who want to be a couple of days at sea and get a taste of the seaman’s life aboard the world’s finest full-rigger.

Summer voyages 2012 

Nr.  Route                       Departure               Arrival              Price
1      Oslo-Bergen
         stopover in Farsund                27. June 14:00           1. July 12:00     € 685
2      Bergen – Tromsø                        2. July 14:00            9. July 12:00      € 950
3 *   Tromsø – Hammerfest
         We are passing North Cape     11. July 08:00          13. July 14:00     € 380
4 *   Hammerfest – Tromsø
         We are passing North Cape     15. July 08.00          17. July 14:00     € 380
5      Tromsø – Bodø
         Lofoten                                       19. July 12:00          23. July 12:00     € 750
6      Bodø – Trondheim
         Helgeland                                   25. July 14:00            1. Aug. 10:00    € 950
7     Ålesund – Haugesund/Stavanger
       Visiting the Jazzfestival               7. Aug. 14:00           12. Aug. 17:00    € 810
8    Stavanger – Oslo                         13. Aug. 18:00          17. Aug 12:00     € 660

Extra night on board incl. breakfast. Max 1 night before/or 1 night after the voyage, not before leg 1, 2 and 8 or after leg 1, 7 and 8.  (10 % discount by booking together with your voyage).
Check-in on board min. 2 hours before departure € 50 per night
Changes in arrival- and departure times may occur.

Special offers:   
12 Oslo-Bergen – Tromsø including one night in Bergen: € 1.495
23 Bergen-Tromsø – Hammerfest including two nights in Tromsø € 1.250
45 Hammerfest – Tromsø – Bodø including two nights in Tromsø € 1.000                        78 Ålesund-Haugesund-Stavagner-Oslo including one night in Stavanger € 1.380

Youth: 12- 25 years: 10%
Family: Min. 3 persons from the same household: 15%
Max. 1 type of discount per person

Read more            


You may do the booking online here: booking or download the registrationform:  Påmeldingskjema_eng and mail it to: postmaster@radich.no

The Sultan Qaboos Sailing Trophy, presented to an individual, vessel operator or sail training organisation for ‘outstanding services to sail training for young people’ was won by the Christian Radich Foundation and presented at The International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference for the first time.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of Oman has donated this prestigious trophy as part of an on-going collaboration with Sail Training International which will see €50,000 donated every year to assist young people from around the world to benefit from the life-changing experience gained from participation in Sail Training International’s races and regattas.

The Sail Training International Annual Awards were presented during the final plenary session of the conference which took place in Toulon, France.


from Las Palmas Jan.29th – Feb. 6th 2012

Join Christian Radich for a wonderful week sailing in the Canaries. We will depart from sunny Las Palmas January 29th 2012 and sail for a week around the Canary Islands.

We have sailed here before and know the waters well.  You are welcome to join us for a unique sailing experience. We are planning an overnight stay somewhere half way, where and when depends on the wind and weather.

The last day in Las Palmas, Sunday Feb. 5th we will have a celebration. On this day it is exactly 75 years since the ship was launched by Framnæs Yard in Sandefjord.

The voyage is suitable for our friends who have sailed with us before and also for those of you who have dreamed to be crew on a full-rigged ship!

€ 990, – p.p.

Departure Las Palmas Sunday, Jan 29th  20:00
Arrival Las Palmas Saturday  Feb 4th  17:00

You are welcome to stay on the ship the day before departure and two days after, to  Monday 6th .

 The voyage includes six nights on board with full board, the day before and Sunday – Monday only breakfast is included. We will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the launching Sunday afternoon.

It is also possible to stay two extra nights on board, until Wednesday Feb 8th.

Check-in on board min. two hours before departure.
Changes in arrival-  and departure times may occur.

Travel to and from Las Palmas is not included.

 Booking and questions: Postmaster@radich.no