IMG_7664This year it was the third time that I sailed with Christian Radich. It is always a fantastic voyage. It is so thrilling to climb in the Rig, set sails and do a lot of other things – to be a part of it, to see how a Tallship works. Working with the other trainees in all ages from all over the world, to try to win the regatta hand in hand – one of the best experience of my life!

The crew and the Volunteers are very kind and very professional, real specialists! The ship is – compared to lot of other ships in a nearly perfect condition. The education on board is absolut perfect. So – don’t wait and sail with her as soon as possible. It will change you life and is a real life experience. I can’t wait to book the next Voyage for the Tall ship race 2016 – Antwerp to Lisbon and Cadiz. I really hope that Christian Radich will participate again.


Jens Grothusen from Germany wrote this essay after he had sailed from Ålesund to Kristiansand in 2015

IMG_9044-kOne of my favourite moments on the Christian Radich happened whilst we were all on duty waiting for our next orders. It was quite cold so whilst waiting we decided to all start singing loudy and clapping and even managed to get the crew involved. We then decided to teach people The Waves of Tory (an Irish dance) which turned out to be a great way to warm up. The sing songs were hilarious and a great way of bonding. I know I have made some lifelong friends on the voyage and I wouldn’t have changed any part of it for the world. Thank you Christian Radich for letting me join you on such a fantastic adventure!

Georgia Fermor sailed from Belfast to Ålesund in 2015


A beautiful voyage along the norwegian coast, including fjords. It was spectacular. I did not have much expectations about sailing in the open sea, but the captain (Jens-Joachim) did his best and made out good wind and nice sailing areas, so our beautiful ship was often enough under full sails. It was my 15th journey with Christian Radich and so… just let me have it again.

Beat Schenk joined Christian Radich on Cruise in Company from Ålesund – Kristiansand in 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe got everything, sun,rain,storm, no wind, wind from the wrong or right direction, refreshing temperatures around 12 degrees, phantastic food!, physical (pull the rope) and mental (memorize the rope) training, full body input and increasing heart beat at the helm, meditation on lookout duty at sundawn, live Scottish Music in Ullapool, wonderful watch comrades, good talks and dedicated watch leaders. All this in the friendly warm atmosphere created by the crew made this voyage again one to unwind and gather new joy of life. Thank you!



Irmelin Probst


Sailing with Christian Radich means meeting new, interesting people, learning how to cooperate and coexist in – sometimes – tough conditions, and still hava a hell of a good time! If you sail around the Canary Islands, as I did, you will also have the pleasure of meeting schools of dolphins who play in the Atlantic waves, enjoy nights with beautiful stars & bright moon, as well as lots of good food and good fun!

If you love sailing, if you love the sea, sail with Christian Radich! An adventure and a memory for life!

Kerstin Otterstål sailed with us around the Canaries in January 2015

Mai tokt 2015A fantastic all-around experience exceeding all expectations. The crew and trainees alike  made this experience at sea on a tall ship memorable, and fantastically fun. This was, and would be, a wonderful life experience for anyone seeking sea air and a self challenge aboard a historic vessel surrounded by enthusiastic companions and a knowledgeable, welcoming crew. Plus, the food is great!

Said by a trainee who joined the voyage in the Oslofjord 13- 16 May 2015. Read more

Stø kurs, foto: Horst Utsch

Vladimir Guerrero remembers his voyage and SAIL 90 (now Sail Amsterdam) in 1990. On a sailship, there is no big changes in 25 years. The wind, the sea and the feling is the same, even though the crew changes. Well, some of the trainees keep coming back year after year. Read Vladimirs story: Radich 1990

IMG_2204 (2)

Whenever I book to sail with Christian Radich I get excited and this continues right up to getting on board.  The first few days of getting used to the ship again (sometimes I am a bit seasick) I wonder “why am I doing this”, sometimes I think – “this will be my last voyage”. BUT each time, about half way through the journey I know why I am doing it and on the last day when we all muster on deck and hear from the Captain I know I will sail again with the Christian Radich.  It is one of the best and most exciting sailing experiences anyone who loves the sea can have…

Don Tomlinson has been trainee on board several times


Radich_2014_TSR_Esbjerg-02_Ulf Hansen

My voyage with the Christian Radich was a succes. It was not my first and for sure not the last voyage with her! I always join the 4-8 watch which I love. The education in sailing the ship was nearly perfect. All crewmembers were always friendly and open for questions. The ship itself is in an marvellous condition. The food is realy very good, thanks to the cooks aboard.
I thought about sailing with another ship this year. Fortunately my decision goes back to the Radich because I wanted to meet some people again.
For the future it is for sure…there is only one ship to go: CRISTIAN RADICH
I want to thank the whole crew and all who cares about the ship for the hospitality, education, maintenance, donor and so on.
Thank you also to all Trainees with whom I sailed With on the race between Harlingen and Fredrikstad. We made the 3rd Place, on Race 2 from Bergen to Esbjerg the Radich wins hopefully.
I can’t wait to sail with her on TSR 2015, Jens Grothusen



It’s was the beautiful summer evening in Hardanger Fjord, when we seen the Windjammer movie. the feeling was so indescribable, to see the dream of my childhood 55 years ago, mixed whit the reality now a board the same ship. For me it was like a norwegian  “Summernight Dream” in a warm heartily atmosphere in a wonderful scenery.

Med venlig hilsen Peter Nadler, trainee on Cruise in Company 2014