It is now getting close to departure for the first summer voyage with Christian Radich.The ship is waiting in her homeport Oslo, and departure is June 21, 6 pm. You have to be on board latest 2 hours before departure.  The quay is just below the Castle, close to the Town Hall. The right address is Akershusstranda 9.

When the ship leaves Oslo, each trainee will be assigned one of three watch teams which have 4 hours on duty and 8 hours off – both day and night. You can read more about the job you do as trainee on our web site.

Have you not received our handbook, please contact us at and we will send you one.


What should I pack?

Summer weather in the north is unpredictable. The most important thing to remember when packing is clothes that are waterproof, windproof and good shoes. We enclose the packing and information list.



The ship will be moored in Central Kiel, by Scwhedenkai, no 25. You can always follow the location of the ship on the map.

Kart Kiel

Information to those of you who stays on board a night in Kiel or sail with us to Eemshaven:  Christian Radich will join the Windjammer Parade on Sunday from 0930 to app. 1500. It is possible to buy tickets from the tourist office in Kiel.

The Price is € 145, which includes the ships homemade fishsoup. We will have “open ship” the day after, for the public to see the great ship. The visitors will not have access to the lower deck.


Have you forgotten anything?

Have you provided all the information we need? If you’ve changed your passport after you booked the voyage, please send us the new passport number. If you are over 70, you must send us a medical certificate if you haven’t sent it yet.

We are looking forward to welcome you on board the Christian Radich!

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