There are still some available spots on this summer’s voyage from Cádiz to La Coruña! Cruise-in-Company starts in Cadiz, first with a short race to Sagres, before the fleet goes north along the coast of Algarve and to La Coruña, where the leg ends. La Coruña is a great city that has previously been awarded for the best Tall Ship festivals.


Do you find it tricky getting to and from ports? Here are some tips:

The closest airport is Jerez, roughly one hour by train from Cádiz. Ryanair flies to Jerez, as do local airlines from for instance Madrid and Barcelona. There is a bus from central Malaga to Cádiz. The bus ride takes approx. 4 hours and costs ca. €40. It is also possible to fly to Madrid and travel to Cádiz by high speed train, which takes approx. 3,5 hours. Traveling from Sevilla, it is possible to take a bus to Cádiz.
Bus from Malaga:
Bus Jerez – Cádiz:


La Coruña
Flying via Madrid is the quickest way to travel to and from La Coruña.  There is no bus from central La Coruña to the airport, but taxis are available and the port is approx. a 15 minute drive from the station.

It is also possible to travel by train to Santiago De Compostela, which takes a bit less than an hour. Ryanair, among other airlines, fly to Santiago. A stopover should be calculated.

La Coruña Airport:
Santiago Airport:

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